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by Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. & Dorothy Ormsby White.

The X-Pert bloodline is one of oldest in Am Staffs. It was started in 1930 by Clifford & Alberta Ormsby. They lived in Hornell, NY. Clifford Ormsby was 25 years old, Alberta was 22 when they began their breeding program. Foundation bitch of the X-Pert family is Ormsby's Madge. Clifford bought her in Texas.

She was sired by famous pitbull Bennett's Mack, who was also known as Corrington's Mack C. Bennett's Mack was Corrington breeding. His bloods was a cross of Smith & Tudor's lines. Both lines had influence of old Henry bloodline, that was developed by Frank G.Henry in 1890's. But Tudor's dogs were mostly black part of the Henry line, when Charles Smith's dogs were more of the red part of the Henry line and more outcrossed than Tudor's. Tudor's part of Bennett's Mack pedigree was Tudor's Jack II, son of the great Tudor's Black Jack 16xW. In 1930's Tudor's gamedogs were as a sign of success. Earl Tudor of Oklahoma, or Oklahoma Kid as most dogmen of that time called him,  was just 22 years old in 1915 when he won with Jack Swift. Earl became well known dogman all over the country in 1920's with his 16 times winner Black Jack dog and 9 times winner Black Jack Jr. There were many breeders in that time who decide to use Tudor's stuff in their breedings. Corrington was one of these breeders of that time. Ok, back to Ormsby's Madge... Her dam was Bennett's Queen, a cross of Hogan's & Pitts' lines. Hogan line was built on Henry blood. Some of Charles Smith's breedings are behind Hogan's too. Pitts' line was mostly old Colby's bloods with some Henry. So, here is Madge's pedigree.

Foundation dog of the X-Pert strain is X-Pert Torpedo. He was black-brindle colored, stocky boy. Torpedo was born in 1929. Ormsby's bought him in Kansas. Torpedo was the first dog with the X-Pert prefix. This black-brindle boy was by Van Vliet's B Grenadier out of Van Vliet's Great Labelle. His bloods are Smith's & Tudor's. Torpedo was a grandson of famous pit dogs Price's Butcher Boy and Tudor's King. That Butcher Boy is great-grandson of Tudor's Supreme (littermate of famous Tudor's Black Jack Jr).

It was very interesting choice for Cliff to make Tudor's blood more influential in the X-Pert breeding program. Just look at Torpedo's dam pedigree

If we look deeper into Tudor's pedigrees, we will find out that Henry bloodline went back to linebred on Charlie Lloyd's import Lloyd's Pilot pedigrees and old Gas House strain. Lloyd's Pilot was whelped in 1878 in England. Foundation dog of the Henry bloodline was Henry's Red Toddy, son of Delihant's Monkey 11xW. Monkey was littermate of Delihant's Paddy 5xW. These 2 Delihant dogs played very important role in Tudor's Black Jack 16xW pedigree.

Tudor's Black Jack 16xW pedigree goes back to Delihant's Monkey 11xW through Black Tige, and to Delihant's Paddy 5xW through Mollie W. Both were by Feeley's Jessie out of Delihant's Crazy Kate 5xW. Feeley's Jessie was from Con Feeley bloodline. Con Feeley, who lived in Chicago, was well known gamedog breeder, some of his pedigrees went back to Lloyd's Pilot. Of course Feeley's Jessie was one of these dogs.

Delihant's Crazy Kate 5xW was Dr Propeck breeding. Propeck had bitch of Kennedy line, that went back to Lloyd's Pilot and Harry Jennings Brindle Bitch. He bred her to Tony Thornton stud, Thornton's Brooks, grandson of Lloyd's Pilot

So, Ormsby's foundation was based on strong Tudor's & Smith's bloods that is in fact old Henry Bloodline, which roots went back to Charlie Lloyd's Pilot and old Gas House strain. And it was a great choice. Confirmation to these words was a litter by Torpedo out of Madge. Puppies were just beautiful, black & black-brindle colored, with strong Henry influence. Most famous of them were X-Pert Black Jack and X-Pert Black Queen.

It is also important to tell about X-Pert Bassett's Nigger. Clifford purchased him in 1933. Nigger was black colored boy with uncropped ears. He was born in April 1, 1933. Nigger was without white markings. Nigger's sire was Bassett's Black Clinker, Nigger's dam was Dutcher's Black Bess. As you see Nigger was the dog of Capt. C. Bassett's linebreeding. And many of the Bassett dogs went back to some circus dogs bred by a man named Heise. Heise's pedigrees went back to famous Midnight dog.

Bassett's foundation dog was famous Bassett's Black Satan. Whelped in 1923. Weight 50 pounds, height at shoulder 18 1/2 inches.

It's very important to tell about Bassett's Black Satin - paternal grandsire of X-Pert Bassett's Nigger. Doubled on famous Danger Boy with rest 25% of Lamkins bloods. C.P. Delaney's Danger Boy was mostly Colby, sired by Delaney's Danger 6xW out of E.C. Hull's Flash (Colby x Henry cross).

In 1934 X-Pert Black Queen was bred to X-Pert Bassett's Nigger to produce a very nice litter. Clifford noted it the best to date. X-Pert Little Princess & Black Prince are most known pups of this litter

X-Pert Little Princess was flashy brindle bitch. In 1935 she was bred to X-Pert Black Jack, a Black Queen littermate. Princess produced X-Pert Black Shine, who was one of the first AKC registered pitbulls in 1936. Black Shine was shown at Angelica NY Dog Show in 1938 and took Best Of Breed. Black Shine was very Henry dog in type, was smarty and drive.

Clifford Ormsby: " I wasn't limited by breeding too close when I bred, because what I was using was so much outcrossed. So, if you start in with stuff that is already close bred, that's when you're going to get in trouble."

Ormsby's had some dogs from Donovan's and Clark's - Smith's bloods in 1930's. One of them was X-Pert Tiger Pal, who was bred to Loupes Of Bonniebrook to produce famous X-Pert Tiger Pat. Tiger Pat was fawn-brindle dog, spirited and smart. His dam was a granddaughter of Clifton's Nell (littersister of Ormsby's Madge). Mr.Clifton  had some dogs from Bob Tonn's line. And Loupes of Bonniebrook was sired by one of these Tonn's bred dogs.


Ormsby's used some different bloods to create their line as well. In 1935 Clifford decided to try J.P.Colby's bloods for the X-Pert bloodline, he bred Ormsby's Madge to pure Colby dog, Winde's Pat Colby. His Colby's bloods were mostly Pincher, Galtie and old Gas House bloods. Galtie dog was product of two Irish imports breeding, and both of these imported dogs were from Hutton bloodline. Breeding of Madge to Pat Colby gave 2 black bitches, they are known as X-Pert Black Lady and X-Pert Black Dollie.


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